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Help me out


Active member
Jan 5, 2017
I have a quick question regarding optimum way to workout 2 (or more) muscles part per session. Let's say I'm training Lats & Biceps today, is it best to structure the workout to train Lats first then Biceps or alternate between them?Program A:Lats (e.g. Dumbbell Row)Lats (e.g. Lat Pulldown)LatsBiceps (e.g. bicep curl)Biceps (e.g. hammer curl)BicepsProgram B:LatsBicepsLatsBicepsLatsBicepsOn my "Push" day, using Program A with Chest trained first then shoulders then triceps I often feel my triceps fully drained by the time I need to train them, so I wonder if switching to Program B (alternate) would yield better results.Suggestion?