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Kevin levrone comeback update


Mecca V.I.P.
Feb 22, 2016
From Kevin Levrone:

Like I've told each and everyone of you, never ever let anyone tell you your a failure and can't do something. Only you can make your dreams into reality please understand that guys. Listen this time last year I couldn't squat a empty bar because of the pain in my knees. Now I'm squating 500lbs it's been 14 years and look closely how deep I'm slamming this weight. God Be The Glory My Brothers. Remember where the mind goes the body will follow. For me a hardcore atmosphere is key I need it and believe me my EXILE brothers of steel they bring it % baby. Staying Committed To The Finish. All you weak minded none believers get your popcorn ready The Maryland Muscle Machine Part Two is about to begin, Im just getting warmed up. SHAABOOM !!
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