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Next MD Cover: Never Count Him Out! ..Branch Warrem!


Mecca V.I.P.
Oct 25, 2007

Branch Warren Built His Body the Old-School Way

“Don’t ever Quit” is the first piece of advice given to aspiring bodybuilders the minute they set foot in the gym.
Work hard, be patient and stick with it, and you’ll see big gains.
That’s a way of life for 2011 Arnold Classic Champion, Branch Warren, the man on our cover this month.
That kind of raw determination and work ethic enabled Branch to be one of the best bodybuilders
in the world-like another Team MD member, six-time Olympian Dorian Yates.
These iron warriors have much more in common than slabs of hard grainy muscle.

Branch is very definitely his own man, but there are some striking similarities between
him and Dorian. Both Team MD members had a blue-collar work ethic instilled in
them at an early age, are disciplined and hardworking champions known for that hard, grainy
look and consistent condition. Both had similar high-intensity training styles and both trained in
dark dungeon gyms. Dorian trained at Temple Gym and Branch at Metroflex Gym. Branch and
Dorian both had their share of injuries that didn’t stop them from winning the Arnold or the Mr. Olympia.

Neither had the best genetics in the world, but they trained their asses off, beat more
genetically gifted men through hard work, and silenced the naysayers. In the last
couple of years, Branch has beat Victor Martinez, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf-all
of whom had better genetics to begin with. Both Dorian and Branch respect each other, and
Branch considers the comparison a compliment. And bodybuilding saved both their lives.
What does the future hold for Branch, the working-class hero? Can he be Mr. Olympia one day?
Never count him out!

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