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Oscar de la Hoya Beats Steve Forbes



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Jun 13, 2007
Posted May 3rd 2008 10:28PM by Michael David Smith

Oscar De La Hoya defeated Steve Forbes tonight by unanimous decision, beginning his farewell tour with a solid showing in front of an overwhelmingly pro-De La Hoya Cinco de Mayo weekend crowd in Carson, California.

De La Hoya said before the fight that he would use his jab effectively, and that's exactly what he did. He was cautious early before turning more to power punches in the middle of the fight, and he opened a gash near Forbes' eye in the sixth round and controlled throughout.

Still, some will find it a bit disappointing that De La Hoya wasn't even more dominant. Forbes entered the ring having never been knocked down, but most people thought De La Hoya would drop him before the ninth round. That didn't happen; that the fight went 12 was a minor victory for Forbes.

De La Hoya improved his record to 39-5; Forbes dropped to 33-6. Up next for De La Hoya is a likely September rematch with Floyd Mayweather.


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