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Oscar De La Hoya To Join Mayweather At WrestleMania?


Jun 27, 2006
Date Added: February 18, 2008
Story By: Tim Brown
PWInsider.com is reporting that the latest rumor within the WWE locker room is that Shane McMahon is trying to sign Oscar De La Hoya to get involved in the Mayweather/Big Show angle leading into WWE WrestleMania 24. Right now they have him penciled in to be Big Show's partner against Floyd and Rey, if they can sign him. De La Hoya is said to be a huge wrestling fan, and is also the owner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.

The thing that makes this rumor questionable is that De La Hoya is going to be training for his fight this coming May, and a WrestleMania appearance could interfere with this.

In an interesting note, Shane McMahon is the one responsible for putting together the Floyd Mayweather deal with Big Show, after almost a year of negotiations.


Mecca V.I.P.
Jul 12, 2006
It's off.

Credit: ProWrestling.NET

- I reported yesterday that World Wrestling Entertainment were making moves to secure Oscar De La Hoya for a spot in the Wrestlemania tag-match with Big Show against Floyd Mayweather and Rey Mysterio.

Jason Powell has confirmed that De La Hoya has declined WWE's offer for him to be involved in the Mayweather angle.

Mayweather and De La Hoya are set to lock horns again in September which would explain why Mayweather was booed by the Anaheim contingent last night given they are pro De La Hoya.