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Who is Andrew Hause? Exploring the Legacy of an Enigma



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Aug 7, 2023
Andrew Hause is a 25-year-old elite powerlifter. He competes in the 275- and 242-pound weights and spends much time lifting absurdly heavy barbells. His journey through the iron and steel world has been extraordinary, marked by feats of strength that defy gravity and belief.

In his several years as a powerlifter, Andrew Hause has competed in only six official events. He has a perfect record, having won every competition he has entered. Up until this point, Andrew only competed at the Junior level. He currently owns the All-Time U140KG Squat and Total World Records.

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Andrew Hause is an American powerlifter born in 1998 and resides in North Carolina. He is 5 foot 10 inches and has a peak weight of 132 kilograms.

His interest in weight training started at 11, primarily with bodyweight exercises. Hause spent most of his time in Carolina Fitness Center, a powerlifting gym, where he began to challenge his fitness limits. Hause's interest in powerlifting grew when he watched videos of George Lehman, Eric Lilliebridge, and other famous powerlifters. He got motivated, and at 18 years old, he started joining competitions. His first one was in 2016, under the 242-pound weight class. Andrew Hause's dedication to working out to better himself and triumph against the odds is inspiring.

Professional Achievements​

Andrew won first place in the royal division of his first competition by bench pressing 157.5 kilograms and deadlifting 275 kilograms. At a 365-Strong Eastern USA challenge, he competed in the 242-pound weight class of the royal division with knee wraps in his first complete powerlifting competition. Andrew won the competition by establishing new personal records in all three lifts and reaching an elite level.

The powerlifter set a new personal record in the squat with wraps at 467.8 kilograms in early July 2022. During the few weeks leading up to the successful attempt, he lost around 15 pounds. Considering Hause's past, the squat mark shouldn't have come as much of a surprise despite the physical setback. He holds the record for the heaviest squat performed by a junior (Raw With Wraps) with 456.3 kilograms at the 2021 RPS The Showcase Super Classic.
Competing in the 140-kilogram weight class, Hause showed off his 926-pound raw deadlift on Instagram on July 12, 2022. It is 50 pounds more than Hause's previous best at the 2021 RPS The Showcase Super Classic of 397.3 kilograms, making it his record. Hause accomplished that raw, wrapped deadlift at the top of the competition.

Andrew Hause's breakthrough event was the WRPF American Pro in 2022. In the Raw With Wraps division, Hause weighed in at a record-breaking 1,117.5 kilograms for the 140-kilogram weight class. He has also improved his previous best in squatting and deadlifting at a competitive level.

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Personal Insights​

Andrew doesn't limit himself to the powerlifting stage when striving for perfection. He believes in giving one's utmost in all endeavors because he values personal development. Despite his many accomplishments, Andrew Hause is humble and appreciative. He knows when to give credit where credit is due and always keeps sight of where he started.

His passion for lifting weights is not merely a profession; it consumes his entire existence. Every day, the weight room becomes his sanctuary, where he pushes his limits, breaks barriers, and finds solace in the rhythm of lifting. For Hause, powerlifting is not merely a pastime but a calling that defines him beyond measure.

Hause has emphasized the importance of perseverance and resiliency in overcoming obstacles by sharing tales from his journey in several interviews. Andrew once discussed the delicate relationship between ambition and contentment, highlighting the need for harmony in one's pursuits.

Public Perception​

Media outlets have frequently depicted Andrew Hause as a superhuman figure, emphasizing his meteoric rise to legendary status in the powerlifting community. Numerous articles have highlighted his extraordinary deeds of strength and seemingly supernatural lifts. During an interview, he discussed the mental aspect of powerlifting and highlighted the importance of mental toughness in his training and performances.

Andrew Hause is a highly respected figure in the world of powerlifting due to his outstanding achievements and influence in the industry. He has gained expert status through setting and breaking numerous powerlifting records. His colleagues and aspiring athletes hold him in high regard for his mentoring, contributions to the sport, and impressive personal accomplishments.

Controversies and Challenges​

Several of Andrew's lifting records have been the subject of a notable controversy. Critics have questioned the authenticity of his lifts, leading to heated debates within the weightlifting community.

People talked about his spotter grabbing the weights in a 460-kilogram squat on Reddit during the American Pro. For some, his lift was an embarrassment to the powerlifting community. People also hate him for going on social media and expressing his anger to those criticizing him.

Andrew's journey has been fraught with the weight of living up to the legend he's become. He has faced injuries that threatened to derail his progress. His ability to bounce back from these setbacks showcases his unwavering determination.

Current Endeavors and Future Prospects​

Andrew Hause was scheduled to compete twice this year but ended up skipping them. He only explained his withdrawal from the first competition. The competition he desired to enter was the 2023 Ghost Clash 2, which occurred on February 18-19. However, Hause has to deal with issues of greater importance to him than powerlifting.

He is now seeking improvement in every aspect. Hause disclosed that he also trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in addition to powerlifting. It caused him to lose substantial weight, but he has since gained it back to 137.4 kilograms.

Andrew Hause is, without question, one of the strongest powerlifters ever. He always returns after a brief rest and is frequently in better condition than when he stopped. Hause is setting new personal records and chasing his future objectives.


Throughout his career, Andrew has sought motivation from strength icons like Louie Simmons and Ed Coan. Their career and expertise have inspired Hause in shaping his approach to powerlifting.

Online communities and forums have been a source of inspiration and knowledge for Hause. Interactions with fellow enthusiasts and specialists have broadened his perspective. Andrew's ability to compete at the highest levels is due to his collaboration with numerous powerlifting federations. These partnerships provided him the opportunity to show off his talent.


Andrew Hause has had a revolutionary effect on the world of powerlifting. His extraordinary strength and record-breaking feats have set new standards in powerlifting. The capacity of Hause to push the boundaries of human potential has left an indelible mark on the sport.

His journey from adversity to victory serves as an inspiration of hope for those who face adversity. The story of Hause motivates others to overcome obstacles and relentlessly pursue their ambitions.

Lexical Insights​

Andrew Hause has set world records in powerlifting, a feat that solidifies his position as one of the sport's elite athletes. The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift are the three fundamental powerlifting exercises that define the discipline, and Andrew Hause is a legend in each.

At the core of Andrew's profession, strength training encompasses many techniques and methods designed to enhance an individual's physical strength.

He has joined several powerlifting competitions, including:

  • American Pro: American Pro is being billed as the "Superbowl of Powerlifting" and is one of the world's most extensive and most competitive powerlifting meets.

  • The Showcase Super Classic: Showcase Super Classic is a powerlifting competition held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is one of the most popular powerlifting competitions in the United States, attracting hundreds of competitors yearly.

  • Braggin' Rights: Braggin' Rights is a powerlifting competition held annually in Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the oldest powerlifting competitions in the United States since 1989. Braggin' Rights is known for its strong sense of community and its focus on sportsmanship.

  • Record Breakers: Record Breakers is one of the most competitive powerlifting competitions in the United States. It is an excellent place for powerlifters to set new personal records and compete against the best in the world.

  • Eastern Regional Championship: The Eastern Regional Championship is excellent for powerlifters to qualify for national and international competitions. It is the regional championship for the Eastern United States and attracts powerlifters from all over the region.

  • Rumble in the Smokeys: Rumble in the Smokies is one of the most popular powerlifting competitions in the Southern United States. It is known for its friendly atmosphere and focus on fun and competition.

  • Eastern USA Challenge: Eastern USA Challenge is a state championship for Pennsylvania and attracts powerlifters from all over the state. It is an excellent place for powerlifters to compete against the state's best and qualify for regional and national competitions.


Andrew Hause's life is remarkable for his awe-inspiring powerlifting achievements and profound impact outside the weight room. His contribution to powerlifting is unparalleled. He has broken records, redefined limits, and established new benchmarks for sporting excellence.

His legacy is a reminder that greatness is not limited to a select few but is within the reach of anyone willing to work hard and persevere. May his achievements inspire you to work beyond your limits and continue challenging yourself for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Who is Andrew Hause, and what is he famous for?

Andrew Hause is a well-known powerlifter renowned for his extraordinary strength and record-setting accomplishments in powerlifting. He is renowned for setting new standards in the discipline and redefining the limits of the sport.

What are some of Andrew Hause's notable powerlifting achievements?

Andrew Hause holds numerous powerlifting world records, particularly in the squat (460 kilograms), bench press (247.5 kilograms), and deadlift (410 kilograms) events. His extraordinary strength has garnered him international recognition.

How can I connect with or follow Andrew Hause on social media?

Andrew Hause is accessible via social media platforms, shares insights and workouts, and interacts with his followers. You can follow him on Instagram at @daspowerhause.

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