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Sadik Hadzovik's Comeback To Bodybuilding

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew

MuscleMecca Crew
May 11, 2012
Building a successful name for oneself takes time. In a similar vein, building an amazing body takes time too. Achieving a name and a great body requires consistency and hard work. Sadik Hadzovik has been able to pull this off at a young age, and he's coming back for more.

Nobody ever has it easy, not even Sadik Hadzovik. For someone that had his childhood in a country plagued by war, the survival instinct must have been drilled into him, and so he understands that to achieve success in life, you have to be tough—survival of the fittest.

Growing up, he always idolized the heroes he found in his comic books. He always wanted to be like them, with amazing physiques and strength.

Although he had to flee his war-plagued country together with his family, he was still able to achieve his dreams. And when he was 28, he had already won numerous bodybuilding competitions. Since he took a break from bodybuilding after the 2017 Olympia, people have been left wondering if Sadiq is done with bodybuilding or not. But before we go on to that, let's start from the very beginning of Sadiq's career. Sit tight as we take you on his life's journey.

Sadiq Hadzovik's Biography​

Sadiq was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1987 in a war-torn country, so his family had to leave and seek refuge in America, as refugees. His parents were very strict and they instilled discipline and consistency in him. The years he spent with his parents were years of training, and this training contributed significantly to his success, and then he hit the gym.

Sadik discovered that he found comfort and solace in weight training, considering that he had a lanky stature that made him the object of ridicule among his peers. So whenever he hits the gym, he lets his frustration and anger seep out of him as he pumps more muscles into his flesh. He soon realized that he got a confidence boost whenever he hit the gym. He intensified his training and worked out non-stop.

Although Sadik Hadzovik seemed like he was getting closer to his goal, he discovered that he was approaching it the wrong way. Though he was working out consistently, he noticed that he wasn't paying enough attention to his diet and that it was harming him. So he took the initiative and began to work on his nutrition as much as he worked out. He knew that if he was ever going to achieve his dreams and build a nice physique, he needed to increase his calorie intake.

He ate more frequently, increased his calories, and soon started seeing quality results. From the age of 16 till he was 24, he had trained so much that he had packed an amazing and formidable physique. With the type of physique that he had, he knew he was cut out for more than just looking like his role models. He knew he had begun his journey as a professional bodybuilder. It wasn't quite long before he made this resolution that he appeared on stage as a competitor.

Sadik Hadzovik

Sadik Hadzovik's Bodybuilding Career​

Sadik Hadzovik had his first competition ever in 2011, the NPC Eastern USA Championship. Since that was his first competition and he was so new to the game, he didn't place first. Instead, he placed third. However, he left the competition to learn lessons. He met others of like mind, and this motivated him to do more.

Sadik Hadzovik was pumped to do more. He spent more hours in the gym, wolfed down more food, and his body shape continued to be more impressive. Sadik Hadzovik earned himself the nickname "The physique" because he was able to carry a well-sculpted body on a slim waist. His body is one that contemporary bodybuilders can be proud of.

In 2012, Sadik Hadzovik entered the NPC Metropolitan Championships and unlike the last time, was placed first. Through his hard work, he was able to add the first-place trophy to his collection. That same year, he participated in 2 more shows, and he won them both. He became a rising star, and he looked like he had a promising future. He placed second in the 2012 NPC Junior USA Championships men's physique division, and that granted him access to enter the junior national championships.

In his journey as a bodybuilder, he met fierce competition from other excellent bodybuilders, but he had a knack for winning. In 2012, he won the junior national championship. It was a big win for him, and he realized that his dreams and goals were turning into reality.

He won his pro card at age 25, and finally, he was a professional bodybuilder.

As an IFBB athlete, he became more relentless and he carried his winning streak along with him. He aimed to continue winning, and he did just that.

In his first competition after turning pro, he came 2nd in the 2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States pro. This win was a breakthrough for him because, thereafter, he was more popular and he was always expected on stage at every event.

Sadik Hadzovik won numerous bodybuilding competitions and his name became a household name. Among his many wins, including placing first in the 2015 Arnold Classic, all of his wins were a result of consistent hard work and resilience.

Below is a more detailed information on his bodybuilding career:

  • 2011 NPC Eastern USA Championships – 3rd

  • 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championships – 1st

  • 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championships – 1st

  • 2012 NPC Junior USA Championships Men’s Physique Division – 2nd Class B

  • 2012 NPC Junior National Championships – 1st

  • 2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro – 2nd

  • 2012 IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic – 2nd

  • 2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro – 1st

  • 2013 IFBB New York Pro – 1st

  • 2013 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 4th

  • 2014 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro – 1st

  • 2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend – 2nd

  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Sports Festival – 1st

  • 2015 IFBB Olympia weekend – 2nd

Is Sadiq Hadzovik Coming Back to Bodybuilding?​

Now to the big question, is Sadik Hadzovic going to make a comeback? Or is he going to fade away like he never existed? You might be thinking that this man is still so young and there's so much potential in him that he hasn't unleashed yet.

Not to worry, Sadik seems to be aware of the suspense you're going through and that's why in recent videos and posts, he has been dropping hints about his return back to bodybuilding.

After recovering from his ten-day illness that made him lose 7 lbs, Sadik is happy to announce that he's back on his feet and has gained back his lost weight. Although the bodybuilder has been away from bodybuilding for a while now, Sadik Hadzovik continues to hit the gym. According to him, his greatest weakness is that he can't seem to go a day without hitting the gym. The minimum time he hits the gym per year is 365 days.

Now, that's consistency at its peak. And the fact that he trains like this even after taking a break means he has something cooking for his fans. Recently, he made known his plan to compete at the 2022 New York Pro. He released this information in one of his YouTube videos. Having said that, you can rest assured that Sadik Hadzovik is coming back stronger and better to leave you wowed as always.

Idols and influences​

From childhood, Sadik has developed an interest in becoming as big as the superheroes he sees in his comic books. But as he went deep into the real thing, he started to draw motivation from other successful bodybuilders.

Sadik has been privileged to train with some legendary bodybuilders in the same gym and has been able to pick up a lesson or two from their training sessions.

However, the one bodybuilder that he holds in high esteem is the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also admires other legends, like Dorian Yates, mostly because of how they train. Dorian Yates uses a high-intensity training workout. Dorian achieves this within a short time, which will take an average bodybuilder a long time to achieve.

Among his list of admired bodybuilders is Sergio Olivia, who is one of the most successful V-tapers on record. Sadik, just like his predecessors, has committed to taking younger bodybuilders under his wing, training and teaching them to be the best they can be. He also helps people to know the importance of healthy living, especially eating well, since he has first-hand knowledge of the repercussions of not eating well.

Lessons to learn from Sadik Hadzovic​

Sadik Hadzovik is an average boy from an average home who left his home country to seek refuge in America with an empty pocket and a bag of dreams. He believed so much in himself that he could achieve whatever he set his mind to do.

He took the bull by the horn, hit the gym, and worked vigorously on building an impressive body.

If there's a lesson to be learned from Sadiq, is that if you're ready to make a significant change, then don't skip the process. Hard work is the only path to greatness.

Sadik Hadzovik and Son
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